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M.O.M. Classification: XX

"The fairy is a small and decorative beast of little intelligence. Often used or conjured by wizards for decoration, the fairy generally inhabits woodlands or glades. Ranging in height from one to five inches, the fairy has a minute humanoid body, head, and limbs but sports large insect like wings, which may be transparent or multi-colored, according to type."

"The fairy possesses a weak brand of magic that it may use to deter predators, such as an Augurey. it has a quarrelsome nature but, being excessively vain, it will become docile in any occasion when called to act as an ornament. Despite it’s humanlike appearance, the fairy cannot speak. it makes a high pitched buzzing noise to communicate with its fellows."

"The fairy lays up to fifty eggs at a time on the underside of leaves. The eggs hatch into brightly colored larvae. At the age of six to ten days these spin themselves a cocoon, from which they emerge one month later as fully formed winged adults."

-Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

It’s a huge dream of mine to work on the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” movie trilogy. I’ve been trying to draw some beasts from the book lately in hopes that sharing them may lead me to doing some design work on the films. This prospect is really exciting to me, so expect more creature drawings from me. I hope you enjoy.  :) 

Audrey Benjaminsen 2014

Signal boost! I’d love to see Audrey on the concept art team for “Fantastic Beasts”!

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"You’re like the biggest career woman I know. You won’t even let me mute C-SPAN during sex."

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Well, you’ve seen all of my compacts, so I figured that I’d show off all of my non-compact items!

For RPG toys, I have the:

  • Moon Stick
  • Cutie Moon Rod
  • Spiral Heart Moon Rod (a mini version)
  • Pink Moon Stick
  • Eternal Tiare
  • Disguise Pen
  • Venus’s Star Power Stick

I also have a bunch of necklaces, including many Time Keys! The majority of the jewelry are pendants from my three necklace sets.

Again, please look at my “where to buy" tag before asking any questions!